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Chemotherapy-free Lymphoma Treatments

مساعدة التأليف: الدكتور لي يوه شان
3 يونيو, 2019

Chemotherapy has been the main form of treatment for lymphoma. However, medical advancements in recent years have opened the way...

6 Types of Snacks for Better Health

مساعدة التأليف: جيرارد وونغ
7 مايو, 2019

Snacking isn’t necessarily bad for you. Senior Dietitian Gerard Wong looks at some healthy snacks that can add fibre, protein,...

Link Between Human Papillomavirus (HPV) & Cervical Cancer

مساعدة التأليف: د. وونغ تشونغ إنغ
7 مايو, 2019

Not all cases of HPV infection will lead to cervical cancer. Dr Wong Chiung Ing from PCC looks at the...

From Survivor to Volunteer

7 مايو, 2019

Foo Choon Mei spends most weekends encouraging other cancer patients with the story of her own journey through cancer.Talk to...

3 Common Gynaecological (Women) Cancers

مساعدة التأليف: د. وونغ تشونغ إنغ
7 مايو, 2019

Three of the top 10 women’s cancers in Singapore today are gynaecological cancers. Dr Wong Chiung Ing takes a closer...

Race Against Time: Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

مساعدة التأليف: الدكتور أنغ بنغ تيام
29 أبريل, 2019

Parkway Cancer Centre aims to deliver a diagnosis and treatment plan quickly to alleviate the worries of patients.

Full Cancer Cure: How far are we away?

مساعدة التأليف: الدكتور أنغ بنغ تيام
29 أبريل, 2019

A claim that the world’s first complete cure for cancer will be here in a year’s time has met with...

Cancer on the Rise in Young Adults: Is Obesity a link?

مساعدة التأليف: د. ريتشارد كويك
29 أبريل, 2019

What was striking was that young people born later were more likely to get cancer than those born in the...

Up Close & Personal with Dr Lee Kim Shang

مساعدة التأليف: د. لي كيم شانغ
29 أبريل, 2019

Dr Lee Kim Shang became a radiation oncologist thanks to an unlikely series of events. Find out why he choose...